Month: February 2024

District Communication – Feedback Wanted

Dear Friends, Your District Team in Billings strives to produce communications that are informative and helpful to Official Workers. Our main channels of communication include the monthly newsletter, weekly International Worker update email, our website, and periodic emails with important and timely announcements.   We want to be thoughtful about what, when, and how we send…
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Where Have All The _______ Gone?

If you’re over the age of 40, perhaps the first thing that pops into your head when you see this is “Cowboys”. Where have all the cowboys gone? You wouldn’t be alone. The song by the same name was released in 1997 by Paula Cole and went to number eight on the Billboard Hot 100…
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Recapturing the Heart of Jesus

Recapturing the Heart of Jesus is the theme of our 2024 District Conference, to be held at First Alliance Church in Billings, MT, April 8-10. The RMD family will gather for prayer, ministry from the Word, and the biennial business matters of the district. While the meetings are required for all official workers, I believe you will…
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