Month: December 2022

Gifts Can Be Taxing

As we move through the holiday season and approach year-end, it is common for churches and congregants to recognize pastors and staff with a love offering or some other type of gift.  The gift could be a small amount of cash in a Christmas card or an organized collection taken during the worship service.  It is important…
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One of the interesting things about having lived in a variety of places in the United States of America is that each area, state, culture, and zone has its own unique ways, standards, and laws.  One of the most interesting uniqueness I have found living in Montana for the last ten years has been the…
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What Do You Celebrate?

One of my favorite questions to ask people this time of year is if they have any family traditions to celebrate the holidays. One person I talked to said their family hides a green ceramic pickle on the Christmas tree and the first person to find it gets a prize. Another said they always cook…
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