Month: April 2024

The Corporate Transparency Act

Beginning on January 1, 2024, many companies in the United States will have to report information about their beneficial owners, i.e., the individuals who ultimately own or control the company. Businesses must report the information to the Federal Government Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) because of the enactment of the Corporate Transparency Act.  Your church…
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Discipleship Learnings From You

Of all of the things that I love about my role in the RMD, the thing I love the most is serving with all of you. I genuinely enjoy just being with you as friends, I love working together to accomplish the mission of God, and I greatly value the conversations that we get to…
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The God Of All Comfort

This past Friday, Good Friday as it is called, a very important person in my life went to be with the Lord. Ray was in his late 40s (maybe early 50s) when Lori and I started in full-time ministry in 1984. He and his wife, Helen, were extremely gracious, kind, and generous to us as we…
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