Month: September 2023

Leveraging Non-Partner Tours

As the C&MA has moved more toward partnership models of missions engagement, a question has arisen that I hear frequently: How do we handle an IW tour with a non-partner IW? This is a great question, and it expresses itself in various ways such as, “How do we stay focused on our partners when we…
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Recently I saw a headline that came from a U.S. Department of Labor report that said the average man in America will hold 12.7 jobs in his lifetime.  The average woman will have about 12.1.  Diving into the report a bit, you find things like the statistics drawn from later-era baby boomers born from 1957-1964.…
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Got Student Loans?

Student loan forgiveness has been a hot topic in the news over the past couple of years.  One day there will be a promising plan announced, and a few weeks later a delay or roadblock is announced.  So where do we stand at the moment?  I am not an expert on this topic, but I recently came across…
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