Month: July 2022

In Dependence

This week the 4th of July was celebrated — a day to remember the founding of the United States of America.  Many have been saying that we, as a nation, are less than united, in these days.  Shootings — like the one in the Chicago area on the 4th, and many others large and small…
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Manage Your Risks

Risk management is a topic that should be addressed at a minimum annually by your church.  Risk is defined as an uncertain event that may have positive or negative consequences.  A risk management plan identifies risks and action steps for dealing with those risks.  There are basically four actions for handling risk: Avoid the risk completely. Transfer…
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Missions Strategies: Part 3 ­­– Doing Our Share

Missions Partnerships are one of the best vehicles a church can use to engage fully in missions. A healthy partnership will contain five elements, and the third element is Doing Our Share. Even though financial support is the first thing many people’s mind jumps to when they consider missions partnership, we’ve intentionally placed it third…
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