Month: November 2022

Reducing the Risk of Church Fraud

I imagine church fraud is not a high priority discussion item at most of our church board meetings.  The thinking is, “This will never happen at our church.” Given the daily duties and demands of church leaders it is not easy to focus on factors that can protect or diminish integrity and reduce the risk…
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Throughout this year, for a variety of reasons, I have been “going down memory lane.”  I am thankful that in a rapidly changing world and culture that the memories in my head cannot be changed, re-imagined or deleted.  When it comes to November, I go down “memory lane” to various family gatherings through the years, to amazing ministry events in this…
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Goals and Culture

A couple of months back I read a fascinating (and sad) article about a Navy sailor who died during BUD/S (Navy SEAL training). There is a lot that can be gleaned and discussed from this story, but one thing in particular caught my attention.  Over the years, the BUD/S program has become increasingly difficult, and the graduation…
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