Month: May 2023

Reflections From The Playlist

Ever since I was a little boy, I have loved music!  Originally it was the hymns we’d sing every Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday night at church — from the old red Alliance hymnal copyrighted I believe in 1962.  From there I learned about a whole new kind of music to my ear — usually…
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What Underlies the Underlying Drive in Church Planting?

Given my role to work with churches in regard to church planting, I spend a lot of time talking to church planters and people who work with and coach church planters. I also spend a fair amount of time reading material devoted to this topic. Over the years I have found a few prominent themes…
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So You Have a New Treasurer?

This time of year, most churches have held their annual meetings and newly elected officers have started to settle into their new positions.  For new treasurers, it can be an overwhelming experience.  Each year about this time I would like to offer a few resources to new treasurers which I believe to be helpful in getting off…
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