Month: June 2021

Student and Kid Min Help Is On The Way!

Over the last couple of months the District staff team and leaders within the District have been working to develop strategies for coming alongside the student and children’s ministry leaders in the RMD. While these strategies will continue to be refined, we wanted to bring a couple of items to your attention that we trust…
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But Why?

Let me ask you a question. If your church suddenly disappeared tomorrow, how would it affect, or not affect your community? That’s one of the questions I ask when I do church consulting. I’ve traveled extensively working with church communities to help them become healthier and more effective at reaching their community. Often that question…
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Saying Farewell

June 13, 2021 marks the conclusion of Rev. Jim & Ronda Stumbo’s ministry at Helena (MT) Alliance Church.  Jim and Ronda have served full-time in the RMD for nearly 47 years – in two churches :  Greybull, WY and Helena, MT. Jim and Ronda are “finishing well” – a term heard often these days, but not often lived out.  I…
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