Month: February 2021

Monday Motivation: Seven Essential Strategies Every Church Needs

Have you had those Mondays when you sit in your office and wonder if all your efforts are really helping your church be the Church, as the Bible defines it? Have you felt like busyness has consumed energy, but you weren’t sure it was energy toward the right direction? Here is a system you can…
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Conviction, Strategy, and Reaching Our Judea and Samaria

Well, it’s now mid-February, which means that a large percentage of the new gym members who signed up January 1st have stopped going and are getting ready to cancel their memberships. While this is typically a bit of a joke among gym regulars, I find it a bit sad. Everyone one of those new members signed…
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All You Need is Love (God’s Love)

Did you know that all kids grow up with an understanding that love has conditions? The love they receive is often directly related to what they do (or don’t do), what they say (or don’t say), or what they believe (or don’t believe). The simple fact of that matter is, that while we as Christ…
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