Month: November 2023


For Lori and I, November is the month with a number of birthdays.  Lori’s late father and her youngest brother have the same date of birth in November.  Lori has two cousins that have a birthday in November and I have one whose birthday is in November.  Finally, our two daughter’s oldest children were each…
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Year-End Giving Campaign

Year-end giving can have a big impact on annual budgets.  Between the joyous spirit of the holiday season and the December 31st deadline for tax-deductible contributions, this time of year is the most popular time for giving to the church.  I have heard it said that churches may receive an average of 30% of their annual donations in…
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What Are You Married To?

If you have ever been through a Church Planter Boot Camp or Prepare to Plant Training you know that part of that training focuses on the mission of the church and how to implement that mission. Among the important components that are discussed, three are of particular importance: Mission: why the church exists. Strategies:  how the…
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