Month: January 2024

Annual Giving Statements 

Given the timing of this month’s newsletter, I thought it might be worthwhile to provide a few points related to charitable contributions and reporting.  Some might be a review, but I hope most find the information helpful. Charitable Gift Timing Checks- The date the check is mailed is deemed the date of delivery.  There are two exceptions:…
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Goals, Content, and Environments

There are various ways to approach creating ministry strategy. Here is one approach that has been helpful to me over the years: Goals, Content, and Environments. Goals Before embarking on a trip, you need to know the destination, and the same is true when developing strategy. Therefore, the first step is to look ahead to…
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The Year of Spin

2024.  Doesn’t saying that just sound unusual?   For some, there may be dread associated with this coming year — you guessed it — another political season!  The U.S. Presidential election will be Tuesday, November 5th — and the two weeks following as one friend of mine said recently!  My guess is we’re going to experience a lot of spin!  Things…
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