Month: March 2021

Five Aspects of Local Church Missions

Jesus gave us the commandment to make disciples of all peoples and consequently the Church (including your church) has been pursuing that goal ever since. Therefore, it’s helpful for us to be able to step back and ask the question, “How are we doing?” While there are a number of different lenses through which we…
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Confession of a Recovering Chronic Overthinker

I’ll admit it, I’m a chronic over-thinker. I spend way too much time overthinking. Sometimes, I overthink about really good things like, “What do these kids need to know about Jesus deep in their beings that will keep them walking with Him forever?” Other times, I overthink about really dumb things like, “If I paint…
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Community Building

Shockingly, visitors decide whether or not they will return to your church WITHIN THE FIRST ELEVEN MINUTES of arriving (Mancini).  That’s before the service starts, before your worship team is up, and long before you begin your message. When you consider the hours spent on practicing the worship sets, on message prep, on AV presentations, perhaps it would be worth spending…
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