Month: August 2023

Once In a Blue Moon

I love to collect sayings!  That’s not a misprint, I literally meant, sayings.  This goes back about 35 years, to when I first heard John Maxwell speak at a Stewardship Seminar in Sioux Falls, SD.  I was a young 25-year-old newly minted lead pastor of a small 60-person rural Minnesota church in a town of 300.…
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Church Planting Sunday

I love living in a part of the world that has four true seasons. When I have visited other places that don’t, I always find it a bit disorienting, and it makes me even more appreciative of the change in weather and scenery. I wonder if part of the reason for this is due to…
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Insurance Renewal Considerations

Managing the church insurance policies is probably not at the top of most pastors’ priority lists.  Maybe this task is delegated to a board member or an insurance expert within the church, but someone needs to be focusing on ensuring the church has correct insurance coverage to protect its assets and manage risk.  Without proper insurance, a…
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