Month: August 2021

LIFE Conference Info!

LIFE Conference 2022 is less than one year away!  While that may seem like a long way down the road, it’s critical to have a good plan for pulling off a successful LIFE trip with your students.  I asked Pastor Harry Owczarek, Youth Point Person for the RMD and Associate Pastor at Faith Alliance Church in Sidney,…
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Watering Your Soul

The Dog Days of Summer have been upon us. Many areas of our district have been suffering with drought-like conditions. I hear reports of cities (including Billings) putting restrictions on water usage so as to conserve water and/or save overextending equipment needed to replenish fresh water. Recently, I took this picture while traveling to a…
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Lessons from Camp

I have had the privilege to speak at both Dickey Lake Bible Camp and Yellowstone Alliance Adventures this summer. With ages ranging from 3rd – 6th grade, we saw them encounter God and grow closer to Him. Summer for me means camps and it is my favorite time of the year!  I’ve spoken at over 50 camps…
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