Month: August 2022

LIFE Conference Recap and Resources

Just 28 days ago, many of you sent your high school students off to Orlando, FL, for LIFE Conference 2022. This triennial gathering of C&MA students is crafted to be a time of worship, teaching, and encouragement. For many of our students, this last aspect is vitally important. The Kingdom life has always been, and…
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Planned Giving

Now more than ever churches should consider investing in planned giving.  Over the next 25 years an estimated $68 trillion will be passed on as the Baby Boomer generation ages.  This will be the largest wealth transfer in human history and an unprecedented opportunity for generous giving.  Another interesting fact is this is that people have been more…
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Small Steps Become Big Steps

Last month, I wrote about how easy it is to be more dependent on ourselves than on the Lord.  We can get so proficient at “ministry” that we can, over time, find ourselves estranged from the One we serve.  This usually happens through any number of small steps that move us away from God rather…
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