Month: June 2024

Gleanings From IW Tour

One of the great things about being part of the Alliance is that we have regular and frequent opportunities to have International Workers present in our churches. In the RMD this typically means several days, and not just for a Sunday. For some of you, this may feel very normal, but for others who have…
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The Richness of God’s Word

Recently a friend and I were talking about things that mean a lot to us, and why. We were not talking about human beings or the Trinity or anything of that nature, rather we were talking about things that had great meaning to us and the reasons for that. I shared that one of the most meaningful…
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Three Stewardship Topics for Church Leaders

I recently came across a blog posted by Ken Baldes, Vice President /Operations Treasurer and COO for the C&MA. Some of you may have seen this post in Ken’s monthly Alliance Treasure’s update, but I thought it was worth sharing here in case you missed it or do not have access to Ken’s update.  The…
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