Recapturing the Heart of Jesus

Recapturing the Heart of Jesus

Recapturing the Heart of Jesus is the theme of our 2024 District Conference, to be held at First Alliance Church in Billings, MT, April 8-10. The RMD family will gather for prayer, ministry from the Word, and the biennial business matters of the district. While the meetings are required for all official workers, I believe you will find great inspiration and encouragement at this special time. Your District Office team has been working hard to craft a series of meetings that will inspire you with great speakers as well as give you information and an understanding of where we are headed as a district family.  

Monday evening will be the Communion and Healing Service. Phil Stombaugh from Billings, MT will bring the Communion meditation. Ken Simon from Lander, WY will be speaking on prayer in the first session on Tuesday morning. He will also be leading the conference in a very special prayer time during this session. Joel Van Hoogen from Boise, ID will be speaking on reaching people for Christ in the second Tuesday morning session. As this is a District Superintendent election year, the C&MA Board of Directors sends a representative to be present. Rob Douglas, District Superintendent in the Central Pacific District (N. California, Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, Guam) will be speaking at the Tuesday evening service. Wednesday morning’s first service will feature Shawn Kennedy from Gulf Shores, AL!  Shawn spoke at Ignite last September in Great Falls, MT, and will be speaking on leadership development. With a shortened conference schedule this year, I will be speaking at the closing Wednesday service at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday.   

As mentioned earlier, I realize that District Conference is required. Please know, that I believe it will be well worth your attendance!  

A Personal Note

Lori and I are humbled, honored, and thrilled with the opportunity to continue serving the Lord and you here in the RMD. We do not take this for granted and hold on to the Lord tightly while keeping our hands open to what the Lord desires. Before hearing the news of being allowed the possibility to continue serving here, I had made an appointment to get new glasses. While there, it was discovered that I have cataracts in each eye. A whole amazing story could be told surrounding all the appointments and doctors I have had to see (no pun intended!), but the bottom line is I’m having eye surgery on February 28 and again on March 6th. Compared to other things, this is relatively minor, however, I have to stay close to Billings and won’t be out on the road in March. With that said, I will be working regularly and can always be reached via phone.