Month: February 2023

Be Prepared

A disagreement between two individuals at the church turns violent, a stranger strolls into the church office shouting obscenities, and a man carrying a semi-automatic weapon enters the sanctuary during a Sunday morning service.    It is common for churches to believe the events mentioned above will never happen at their location.   Many churches in the RMD…
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Does anybody remember flannel graf stories?  This was used long before PowerPoint, videos, film strips, and slides.  I remember as a little boy growing up near Detroit, MI my Mother and our assistant pastor’s wife used flannel graf to teach us young elementary children Bible stories.  One such story was the parable of the Good…
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Military Opportunities

A few years ago at Ignite, Lt. Col. Brian Daum, an RMD chaplain with the National Guard, introduced himself as a cross-cultural worker. As I recall he said something like, “Members of the military are a different culture. They wear different clothes, speak a different language, and eat different food (MREs).” While there’s a bit…
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