Month: October 2021

Creating a Sending Culture

We all know that we are called to be a “going” people.  The church is to “go” and make disciples who in turn “go” and make disciples. The question for us, then, is how do we create this culture in our local church? Below are some ideas to consider along these lines. Start with you. God…
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Thank You

Gracias Grazie Merci Thank you! However you want to say it, “thank you,” when truly meant, are some of the most beautiful words in the English language. Other languages say it differently, yet just about every language and people group have some form, manner or word(s) that express gratitude and thanks. October is Pastor Appreciation Month!…
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Through the years I’ve been asked why I work with kids and for kids. I have several reasons but more importantly, I have a sense of urgency.  God uniquely designed our brains and a child’s brain is fascinating. Did you know that a person learns faster as a child than they will at any other…
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