Three Stewardship Topics for Church Leaders

Three Stewardship Topics for Church Leaders

I recently came across a blog posted by Ken Baldes, Vice President /Operations Treasurer and COO for the C&MA. Some of you may have seen this post in Ken’s monthly Alliance Treasure’s update, but I thought it was worth sharing here in case you missed it or do not have access to Ken’s update. 

The blog was recently released by the Christian Stewardship Network and highlights three topics that would be insightful conversations to have with church leadership teams as they strive to fulfill giving goals. 

Here is a summary of the three topics and a link to the blog post:

The Need for Transparency and Accountability About Church Spending Decisions: People are more sensitive than ever to excess and fraud in charitable organizations. Leaders should ensure annual reports fully disclose income, expenses, and assets in a format donors can understand. 

Health of Giving Trends: Church leaders should consider using additional metrics beyond the annual giving number to measure healthy giving. You can read about the types of metrics in the blog. 

The Role of Technology in Giving: Online giving, mobile giving apps, and text-to-give have made giving convenient and accessible for church members. However, these platforms don’t demonstrate the impact of the donor’s gift or engage givers with their “payment” experience. Donors say they would give more if they knew the impact of their gifts. 

You can read the complete blog post here.

Scott Thorson