Church Safety Tips

Church Safety Tips

I recently came across the following safety tips I thought would be helpful for RMD churches. I realize there may be a few more weeks (or maybe months 😊) of Rocky Mountain winter, but you never know when wildfires, lighting, or a water emergency might strike. These tips are provided by our insurance company, Brotherhood Mutual. Click on each link to read more about your area of interest.  

Wildfire Smoke Safety Tips: Take Action to Clear the Haze

Wildfire smoke can drift hundreds of miles from its source, affecting areas of the country unfamiliar with the air quality issues that result from the smoke.  Even smoke from wildfires a thousand miles away can adversely affect the well-being of your employees, attendees, and volunteers. Learn the symptoms of wildfire smoke-related illness, how you can use the Air Quality Alert Color Codes to safely plan outdoor events, and five ways to help those inside your facilities breathe easier.

Read Tips for Wildfire Smoke

Lightning & Outdoor Activities: Respond in a Flash

When planning for outdoor activities, you can’t plan the weather, but you can plan your response to weather conditions. Severe weather—especially summer storms with lightning—often pops up with little warning. 

Read Tips for Lightning Safety

Water Emergencies

It’s Monday morning. You walk into your building, and you’re standing in two inches of water. It’s flowing from the ceiling and gushing down the walls. After the initial panic wears off, you’re ready to act. But what’s the first thing you should do?

Read Tips for Water Emergencies

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Scott Thorson