An LGBTQ+ Resource

An LGBTQ+ Resource

A couple of months ago Jonathan, Scott, and I were able to attend a culture and legal update led by Gary Friesen, general counsel of the C&MA. Several very helpful speakers were present including Rev. Boyd Hannold, lead pastor of Princeton (NJ) Alliance Church (PAC). Situated in an area that is exceedingly diverse and irreligious, Princeton Alliance has necessarily grappled with issues of sexual preference and gender identity for several decades now. To help them lead and serve in ways that are theologically faithful and properly postured, they have created a document that frames expectations for leaders, members, and participants. They have been kind enough to share this work with us and it is linked below for your convenience.

As you read this document, please keep a few things in mind.  First, this is not a public document. It is provided to you as a leader in the C&MA as a resource and is not to be broadly or publically shared. Second, these determinations have been arrived at based on prayer and careful consideration by the team at Princeton Alliance. Your church may prayerfully arrive at slightly different determinations. Third, the terms they use to describe people who interact with the church are not as important as the descriptions that follow. Taken together, these two thoughts are a reminder that this is not a “plug and play” document to be adopted as a whole. Rather, it is a helpful playbook that describes the decisions that this team made in order to navigate their context. The real value of this document is the breadth of its scope in attempting to think through these issues. 

These are difficult matters to address as they are tied emotionally and intellectually to a variety of other arenas. Yet, it behooves us to take the time to prayerfully think through them so that we can properly respond when the time comes. As you and your team engage in this process, please know that your District team is here to assist in any way we can. We would be happy to visit with you, or even your team, anytime.

Together with you,

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