Leading an STM Trip Well

Leading an STM Trip Well

I probably don’t need to convince you that short-term mission (STM) trips have value. From coming alongside partners and providing a boost to long-term work, to being a tool that God uses to shape us into the image of Christ – including the call of many into full-time vocational ministry, there is abundant worth in a STM trip. In fact, many of you are currently in the process of planning a trip for this upcoming year. With this in mind, I want to share a resource with you that will be of value to you in that process.

While God can and will most assuredly use any trip that is entered into with the right heart, there are things we can do to better position ourselves to be of use to Him and to encounter Him. The following document is a compilation and distillation of many resources that focuses around the three major movements of an STM trip:

  1. Pre-trip Preparation: while pre-trip preparation usually gets significant attention, there are a couple of things that are often missed
  2. Mid-trip Components: typically, the mid-trip components seem pretty straightforward, but a few simple additions can really multiply spiritual fruit.
  3. Post-trip Follow-up: often upon returning from a trip, life seems to spin back up into warp speed in unexpected ways, but a little forethought can derail this tactic by Satan to steal what God has planted.

Leading an STM Trip

It’s true that STM trips are a lot of work and effort, and it is equally true that they are 100% worth it. My prayer is that this resource will catalyze even greater spiritual fruit on your next trip. As always, I am here anytime if you have questions, want to talk further, or if you need a resource that might be particularly relevant to your trip.

Together with you,

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