2 (Uncomfortable) Ideas

2 (Uncomfortable) Ideas

As I wrap up the busy spring ministry schedule and head into a change of pace for summer, I’m looking forward to processing some of the events, reading, and discussions that I’ve experienced over the last few months. High atop the list of things that are on my mind are the following two ideas. 

#1 – If I am making disciples who are not discipling others, then I am not making disciples. 

#2 – If I spend more time talking about making disciples than I do praying for disciples, I will probably never make disciples. 

Neither of these things are particularly profound, but they have been uncomfortable for me to think about. We are only tasked with making disciples. Nothing else. Everything we build in the life of the church must serve this end. Additionally, we can only make disciples if we walk a deep and prayerful life with God. I have found that the enemy is perfectly content if I talk about making disciples, read books about making disciples, and attend conferences about making disciples, so long as I don’t prayerfully intercede over and for them. 

If these things challenge you as well, then join with me in asking the Lord to help us marshal the courage to examine ourselves against these truths, the humility to admit how we fall short, and the determination to do something about it. 

Together with you,

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