District Advance Fund

The District Advance Fund (DAF) is the means by which our District works together to advance the Kingdom of God among the 3.6 million people who live in our area. A few quick answers to the most common questions regarding the DAF.


How is our contribution to the DAF calculated?

Per the District Bylaws, each church shall endeavor to give 10% of their general income to the DAF. “General income” is defined as income that is not donor-designated. (See DAF bylaw here.)


How often are funds to be submitted?

DAF contributions are to be sent in monthly.


Is there a form to submit with the check?

Yes. You can download and print Church Contribution Form here.


What if I send an electronic check?

An electronic version of the form is also available which can be emailed to the office. It can be downloaded here.


Anything else?

Rounding your contribution to the nearest dollar is appreciated.


If you have any further questions, please contact Chris Tweedy.