Feb 15 -17, 2022


YAA, Bozeman, MT

The Steps course is a guided practicum in Biblical, repeatable and Spirit-led evangelism. There are three objectives:

1. To gain, on behalf of your lost friends and family members, a place of authority with God as their intercessor.
2. To confidently comprehend the conversation the Holy Spirit is right now having with those same individuals.
3. To intentionally join the Spirit in that conversation in meaningful, natural dialogues in the good news.

From lessons learned during 30 years of international outreach to over 50 countries the STEPS course provides a guided practicum in Biblical – repeatable – Spirit-led – fruit bearing evangelism. Beginning with understanding the Christian’s central role of realized intercession and the current convicting work of the Spirit in every unregenerate heart, we will learn how to engage in natural, gracious Spirit-led dialogue with the purpose of leading person’s to salvation and guiding our members to do the same. This process, like any ministry skill, can be learned and practiced and multiplied.

Many people in church long for practical and natural ways to engage their lost friends and family with the gospel. This simple and transferable approach is an answer for just such a longing.

DATE: Tuesday, Feb 15th, 5:00pm to Thursday, Feb 17th, 5:00pm
LOCATION: Yellowstone Alliance Adventures, Bozeman, MT

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