October 18 – 20, 2021


Billings, Montana

The Alliance Greenhouse training has been developed to help churches think through the strategies and leadership development necessary to make church planting a reality. Regardless of where your church is in regard to church planting, this workshop will provide assistance to continue moving forward. If you’re just are beginning to think about church planting, this will help provide a framework for how to think and plan for the process. If you are actively pursuing church planting options, you will be able to interact with strategies and practical elements and learn from those who have gone before you on this journey.

The event will run from 2:00pm Monday, October 18th until 11:30am Wednesday, October 20th.

LOCATION: Billings, MT
COST: There is no cost for RMD Official Workers.
HOTEL: Lodging at the C’Mon Inn is provided for Monday and Tuesday nights.
MEALS: All meals in Billings are provided.
TRAVEL: You are responsible for your travel costs to and from Billings.

tentative Schedule


2:00pm – Opening Session
5:30pm – Dinner Provided


9:00am – Session 4
11:30am – Break
12:00pm – Lunch Provided


9:00am – Session 2
12:00pm – Lunch Provided
1:00pm – Session 3
5:30pm – Dinner Provided

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