Council Grant Info

The 2023 Council Grant is in the amount of $1,000 for each official worker who attends Council.  In addition, a grant in the amount of $750 is available for an accredited lay delegate (not a spouse of an offical worker)

The process for obtaining the grant for either an official worker or an accredited lay delegate is simple – when a completed 2023 Council Registration email is received from The Alliance, simply forward that email to Scott Thorson
( at the RMD Office and a check will be issued to the local church. It would be our goal to send only one check for all registrations to each church, if at all possible. If an official worker is subsequently not able to attend the 2023 Alliance Council the $1,000 grant shall be returned to the District. This would also be the case if an accredited lay delegate was not able to attend and a new accredited delegate is not appointed to attend.

 If you have any questions regarding the RMD Council Grant please contact Scott Thorson at the email address above or call the District Office at 406.656.4233.